DIY Chew Toys: Creative and Budget-Friendly Options for Kittens

While store-bought chew toys are convenient and readily available, DIY chew toys offer a fun and cost-effective alternative for pet owners. Making your own chew toys allows you to customize the design and materials to suit your kitten’s preferences and provides an opportunity for creative expression. In this article, we’ll explore some simple and inventive DIY chew toy ideas that you can easily make at home for your furry friend.

Braided Fabric Chew Toy

To make a  kitten chew toys fabric chew toy, simply cut several strips of old T-shirts or fabric scraps into equal lengths. Braid the strips together tightly and knot the ends to secure them. You can add knots or tassels along the length of the braid for added texture and interest. This homemade chew toy is soft on your kitten’s gums and provides hours of entertainment.

Cardboard Tube Puzzle Feeder

Repurpose empty cardboard tubes from paper towel or toilet paper rolls to create a DIY puzzle feeder for your kitten. Cut the tubes into smaller sections and fold the ends closed to create compartments. Fill the compartments with treats or kibble, then fold the ends shut to seal them. Your kitten will have to figure out how to open the tubes to access the hidden treats, providing mental stimulation and reward.

Frozen Fruit Chew Toy

For a refreshing and healthy chew toy, fill an ice cube tray with water and add small pieces of fruit, such as berries or banana slices. Freeze the tray until the water solidifies, then pop out the fruit-filled ice cubes and offer them to your kitten as a cooling treat. Not only will they enjoy chewing on the icy cubes, but they’ll also benefit from the vitamins and nutrients found in the fruit.

Sock Ball Chew Toy

Turn mismatched socks into a fun and squishy chew toy for your kitten by stuffing them with old fabric scraps or stuffing material. Tie the end of the sock closed tightly to create a ball shape, then let your kitten bat it around and gnaw on it to their heart’s content. You can add bells or crinkle material inside the sock for added sensory stimulation.


DIY chew toys offer a budget-friendly and creative way to provide your kitten with stimulating and entertaining play experiences. By repurposing household items and using simple crafting techniques, you can create a variety of homemade toys that cater to your kitten’s chewing instincts and preferences. Whether you opt for a braided fabric toy, a cardboard puzzle feeder, or a frozen fruit treat, DIY chew toys are sure to delight your furry friend and provide hours of fun.

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